Janet M Bishop, FSA Scot, ASGRA, Member of AGRA

Janet Bishop has been a professional genealogist for 18 years.  Based in Fife, her research service covers genealogy in the whole of Scotland.  Educated in Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen, and having previously lived in the North East of Scotland for many years, Janet has a particular interest in and knowledge of the counties of Moray, Banff, Nairn and Fife.


A member of ASGRA (the Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives), Janet is the current chairman of the association.  ASGRA is the only professional association of genealogists in Scotland, and members adhere to a strict code of practice, assuring the client of a high standard of professionalism. 


Genealogical research can also be undertaken if part of an ancestry study moves into England, by way of Borderlines Research which Janet runs in partnership with colleague Ian Marson, an equally-experienced genealogist and probate researcher, based in Yorkshire.


Janet is also a former Council member of AGRA (the Association of Genealogist & Researchers in Archives), the sister association of ASGRA, based in England.  The 2 associations entered into a partnership in 2010, in order to attempt to maintain high professional research standards throughout the UK. 


Outside of work, Janet takes an active part in all matters pertaining to the study of genealogy, family and local history.  She is the current Chairman of SAFHS - the Scottish Association of Family History Societies.  In addition, she is a member of the Strathclyde University Genealogy Programme Board.