Ancestral Research

Have your ancestry researched from the present day back to around the late 1700s.  All that is required to begin is a name, along with birth, marriage or death details.  All research is carried out in the ScotlandsPeople Centre, National Records of Scotland (formerly the National Archives of Scotland), The National Library, as well as other record offices, as appropriate.

POA - (rates include record office entry fees)

One line ancestry from £200


Archival Research

Once the basic ancestry is in place, there is a wealth of archival materal available - this will bring your family story to life.  Copies of historic documents such as testaments, inventories, deeds, tax records, valuation rolls, kirk session records, etc, can be supplied to illustrate your report.



Living Relative Search

Once you receive your ancestry report, you may wonder what happened to the non-direct line members of the family.  You may wish to make an ancestral tour of your roots and hope to meet long-lost relatives.  This is a very satisfying option.



The Results

You will receive a professional ancestry report, along with copies of relevant documents, if requested.  A descendant chart will accompany the report, which can be sent by email, hard copy, or both.


For a Special Occasion please request a special presentation package at the time of commission.  This is usually around £30-£50 extra, but well worth it.